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Through Burnout Management, LLC consulting services, the goal is to make it easy for clients to focus on what truly matters: business success. All you need to do is fill out your information below to receive instant access to all our features.

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Burnout Management Options

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The Cure for Burnout


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I facilitate Burnout Management Trainings for groups, teams, and companies.

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When getting the stomach flu seemed like a “break,” I knew something was horribly wrong. For two years, my life had felt like a sick game of whack-a-responsibility. I treated myself like a vessel for performance until burnout finally hit me. As a normally happy, optimistic person, it was alarming when I became a shell of myself, detached from my life, isolated socially, and resented when I was asked to do anything.


Upon discovering my prolonged exhaustion was burnout, I promptly began searching for resources and came up

empty-handed. In response to this clear need for and clear lack of burnout resources, I combined my Master's in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, background in corporate training, and coaching experience to create the resources I wished existed.


Freedom and peace are top values of mine- probably because I didn’t have them for so long. My goal is to help as many burned out individuals as possible reclaim their time and energy so that they also have freedom and peace in their life.

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